Sink water - Stock Images 4 You
Sink water

Getting a drink of water from the sink. View has shallow depth of field and is a head on view of a faucet

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Water conservation starts at home - Stock Images 4 You
Water conservation starts at home

Water coming out of a faucet. View is a 3/4 view with shallow depth of field on the water coming out.

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Swirls from the flame - Stock Images 4 You
Swirls from the flame

Flame isolated against a black background with smoke swirling above

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Fun in the water - Stock Images 4 You
Fun in the water

Droplets of water are going every place as this child is playing on a hot summer day.

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power from a dam - Stock Images 4 You
power from a dam

Old hydroelectric dam still standing and in use.

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Very dirty sink - Stock Images 4 You
Very dirty sink

Faucet showing lots of grime and dirt buildup on it.

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